Land System
Having rich experience in the field, Pakistan defence industry manufacturers offer a wide variety of defence related products meeting almost all needs of the ground forces. Tank Al Khalid is the latest cost effective achievement, which can be compared with any modern tanks in the world. Tank Al- Zarrar and APC SAAD are the symbol of quality and excellence. POF Eye is a special purpose hand held weapon system. Small arms, ammunition,...
Naval System
After the independence, Pakistan Navy has come a long way from a small flotilla of ships to a complete fleet acquiring vessels of different variety from East and West. Pakistan Navy now consists of fully modernized ships with state of the art equipment and weapon system, latest conventional submarines, state of art MCMVs and indigenously built missile boats, fast patrol crafts and midgets submarines.
Air System
The reliance of Pakistan Air Force on high value products has been on foreign sources. Having had gone through the rich experience of two wars and skirmishes the requirements of PAF has ably been met by PAC Kamra, Air weapon Complex, NDC and others in the private sector. PAC Kamra today with support of various vendours in the private sector can meet most of eastern and western origin equipment. Super Mushshak, K - 8 are the proven...

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